Yolanda Davis - President

“Take advantage of all that life has to offer. ABWA has been just that and more.”

Edna Brown - President Elect

I joined ABWA because I was introduced to a new sisterhood, that is, women of diverse occupations and ethnicity.  I was also introduced to an enormous amount of information and classes that are offered through ABWA.  I have gained knowledge and grown in my profession. I have stayed for the same reasons.”

Cyndie Berglund - VP Communications

Amy Dawson - VP Finance

“Having just moved to a new city, I was looking to network with like-minded women to build my community. I found that and so much more with ABWA! Participating in the educational and leadership opportunities ABWA provided directly impacted my career growth and I have made lifelong friendships with women all over the country who celebrated with me during good times and supported me during the tough times. After 28 years, I am still as actively involved in ABWA.”


Artesia DuPree - VP Programs

“When I attended my first meeting, on that day, I was only thinking about being an event planner for a celebration the league was planning, not knowing anything about the organization. As part of what I do when I have a new client is to meet with them and observe what they do, so when I plan an event for them, I know them personally. I joined at my very first meeting and 10 years later, I am still here. This was what I had been searching for and did not even know it at the time. I have grown personally and professionally because of this organization. ABWA helped me recreate my authentic self.”

Nancy Bircher - VP PR and Marketing

Carol Cade - VP Membership

“I joined ABWA because it’s an organization that empowers women where they are in life. It doesn’t matter if you are in an entry level position, a seasoned professional, retired, or between jobs, ABWA has something for you. I stay because there is always something new to learn and to add to my toolbox.”

Committee Chairs

Cyndie Berglund

Banquet & Fundraising Co-Chair

Nancy Bircher

Education and Scholarships

Amy Dawson

Best Practices & Fundraising Co-Chair

Carol Cade


Artesia DuPree


Edna Brown

Standing Rules